Once Upon a Gypsy Moon

An Improbable Voyage and One Man's Yearning for Redemption

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Apr 16, 2013

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Michael Hurley watched his world unravel in the wake of infidelity, divorce and failure. In August 2009, he was short of money, out of a job, and seeking to salvage a life that had foundered. Deeply in need of perspective, he took to the open seas in a 32-foot sailboat, Gypsy Moon. The story of his 2-year outward odyssey, deterred by rough weather and mechanical troubles, combines keen observation, poignant thoughts, and deeper introspection with glorious prose.

Once Upon a Gypsy Moon also presents a rare and much-needed point of view on the familiar spiritual-journey narrative. It offers a star-crossed love story wrapped inside a rollicking good sea tale, but it also has something important to say to the reader about relationships, faith and disbelief, life and death, love and marriage, and what really matters.

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"Hurley spins a compelling and rather wonderful nautical yarn, full of honest humor and the sort of unexpected twists and turns that define all great adventures."—Martin Dugard, New York Times bestselling author
"Hurley writes beautifully, never confusing sensitivity with sentimentality. There's never any embarrassing self-revelation, and never any whimsy, and yet he makes himself a cheerful and engaging traveling companion. But, best (and rarest) of all, he can tell a story. I genuinely want to know what happens next."—Charles Foster, author of The Sacred Journey
"Poignant without being maudlin and spiritual without being sanctimonious...A striking memoir of personal discovery."—Kirkus Reviews
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