Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781455522729

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ON SALE: August 21st 2012

Genre: Nonfiction / Political Science / Labor & Industrial Relations


SHADOWBOSSES reads like an organized crime novel, but it’s actually a true story of how labor unions are infiltrating our government and corrupting our political process. This compelling and insightful book exposes how unions have organized federal, state, and local government employees without their consent, and how government employee unions are now a threat to our workers’ freedoms, our free and fair elections, and even our American way of life. And, Mallory Factor reveals what’s coming next: how unions are targeting millions of Americans–maybe even you–for forced unionization so that unions can collect billions more in forced dues and exert an even greater influence over American politics. A chilling expose, SHADOWBOSSES is also a call to citizen action against those who really hold power in America today.

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