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(New York, NY) Hachette Book Group announced today that it will publish I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN, BUT I’M GLAD I WAS by the world’s most beloved funnyman, Bill Cosby.  The book is scheduled for publication in November 2011 on the Center Street imprint.

Over the past century, few entertainers have achieved the legendary status of one William H. Cosby, Jr.  His successes span five decades and virtually all media, remarkable achievements for a kid who emerged from humble beginnings in a Philadelphia housing project.  Comedian, actor, producer, author, educator, musician, and activist, he has done it all – with his own unique take and style.  His years of playing Cliff Huxtable on one of the defining TV sitcoms of the 1980s, The Cosby Show, brought him into homes and hearts across the country, and helped cement his standing as a comedic master.

In I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN, Bill Cosby comes off the stage and onto the page with a hilarious new book of observations that are sure to become instant classics. In the tradition of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Cosby introduces a host of memorable new characters, including Peanut Armhouse and Old Mother Harold.  As he did in his bestselling books Fatherhood and Cosbyology, the doctor of comedy holds forth on everything from first love to the Bible.  Topics comically covered include:

  • Missing Pages: Cosby revists the Bible for the first time since his famous Noah routine. This time he discusses how God worked with Adam to name 50,000 species… They must have had a wonderful time. “If you look at some of the animal names I believe there’s proof that God woke Adam up and Adam was startled.”
  • Cosby’s first date, at age fifteen, with Bernadette Johnson, who was ‘fine!’.
  • Grandfather Cosby deals with a grandchild who thinks of himself as Godzilla.
  • At age seventy-three, Cosby deals with a defiant child who, as an excuse to not clean her room, says: “I didn’t ask to be born.” – by saying neither did I.


"Bill Cosby is without a doubt a national treasure," said Rolf Zettersten, Senior Vice President and Publisher for Center Street.  "In I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN, he presents more of the intelligent, gentle, and yet insightful humor that has made him a favorite of millions."

“It is funny. It is humorous. And it is healthy,” says Mr. Cosby about I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN.   

The book was acquired by Rolf Zettersten and will be edited by Senior Editor Kate Hartson.  Mr. Cosby was represented by his longtime agent Norman Brokaw and Mel Berger of WME. 


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