DOG COMPANY by Lynn Vincent, Roger Hill

Dog Company

by Lynn Vincent, Roger Hill

The harrowing first-person account that weaves together vivid battlefield action with military courtroom drama, exposing the threats American warriors face within their own system.

Do the rights of enemy fighters take priority over the safety of our own troops?

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Dog Company

by Lynn Vincent, Roger Hill

Dog Company is the story of one man — a valiant, decorated combat commander — forced out of the Army — an institution to which he had dedicated his heart and soul — because of political correctness.

In Wardak, the most violent province in east-central Afghanistan in 2007, U.S. Army Captain Roger Hill was faced with a dire situation. His 89-man unit, Dog Company, part of the Army's storied 101st Airborne Division, was taking heavy losses. Since their arrival, a third of his men had been wounded, and two recently killed on what should have been a routine patrol.

The insurgents always seemed to know when and where to hit his troops.

With the help of an Army counterintelligence team, Capt. Hill discovered a dozen enemy spies had infiltrated their base, posing as local civilian workers. The spies were swiftly captured, but with danger still closing in from every direction, Capt. Hill faced an excruciating choice: follow the maze of rules and procedures that treat enemy detainees with velvet gloves, or do what is necessary to protect the lives of his fellow soldiers, for which he was responsible.

With no help coming from the Pentagon and a deadline that would have forced him to release the suspected spies within 96 hours, Capt. Hill took matters into his own hands and carried out interrogations to get the truth.

Abandoned by his superiors, Capt. Hill was suddenly confronted by an agonizing dilemma: follow Army rules, the way he always had and accept the risk of mortal danger, or damn the rules, likely to his own ruin, and protect the men he'd grown to love.

These are the reasons the Pentagon doesn't want you to read DOG COMPANY. Publication of the book was obstructed for two years, and redactions were ordered of even basic information that appears throughout the military's own websites and other public forums.

Not only will you be riveted from cover to cover, you'll also be infuriated — for you'll be led to wonder whether our nation still has ability to do the right thing under fire.

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About the Authors

Lynn Vincent

Lynn Vincent is a #1 New York Times best-selling writer of 11 nonfiction books with more than 14 million copies in print. She lives in the mountains east of San Diego with Danny, her husband of 27 years, and their three Labrador retrievers. She is a U.S. Navy Veteran.

Roger Hill

Roger Hill is a graduate of West Point and is a former infantry commander in the 101st Airborne and a decorated combat veteran. Now an advocate for military veterans and first responders, he serves as director of operations at BodyWorn, a producer of police body cameras in Atlanta, Georgia.


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